Healing Waters is an Exciting New Services for the Townville Region

footprints on a beach

We are a newly registered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation established to provide culturally appropriate counselling and wellbeing services to Indigenous people in Townsville and the region.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that is registered as a charity.

Although we are a new organisation to Townsville, we are working very closely with Gallang Place, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation that has delivered healing and wellbeing counselling services to South East Queensland for the past 20 years. Together we will create a counselling and wellbeing service that is culturally appropriate to the healing needs of our communities.

Our Directors and staff are Townville based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members with extensive knowledge and experience of our people and community.

Wellbeing and Healing

We are taking a new approach to the way Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people get support services, we will be:

  • Promoting the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families and communities by offering culturally appropriate counselling services 
  • Taking a healing approach recognises that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a unique history, culture and community structures that are very different from others from a western background.
  • Working closely with other agencies and service providers to make sure the best possible support is available
  • Delivering our programs in a way that respects and learns from traditional Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander history, culture and knowledge, yet draws from professional therapies and practices 
  • Employing professionally qualified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander counsellors and support staff to deliver a professional service
  • Providing professional development and training and supporting our staff so they can apply the best available culturally appropriate practices